Breathe mindfully into Your Heart

When we’re feeling unmotivated, it’s helpful to reconnect with our desire to contribute to and serve others. A great yogic exercise for doing this involves breathing into the energetic center in our bodies called the heart chakra, which is located in the heart area.

According to yoga, energy flows more freely through the heart chakra when we breathe into it and focus our attention on that area – energy flow where attention goes. When this happens, we deeply feel our sense of compassion toward others, and regain our desire to give to the world through our work.

Right now as you are reading this, breathe into the heart chakra, put your hands together at the level of your heart.Then, breathe deeply so that nourishing oxygen fills your upper chest area. Feel the warmth and openness in your heart area, and notice any tension melting away.

You can practice this exercise at your work, home, car, bus in a standing or sitting position.This is a powerful tecnique you can practice anywhere because it can be done in 1 or 2 minutes and then you can go back to your work or responsabilities.

With compassion,


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