What others things are we missing in our life?

Why aren’t we paying attention to the present moment?

This is a interesting experiment that proves that most of the people are not conscious of what they are experiencing.

I hope you find it interesting. It made me think and realize that we can change this if we practice presence in our lifes. Or not?

It also makes me think: “What other things are we missing in LIFE?”

The power of being present is really huge!

What do you think about this? I would like to hear from you?



  1. Alan that is amazing. I really hope I would have noticed that the guy had switched with someone else however the reality is probably different. Being present is a gift we can give ourselves. Look at what we are missing when we are somewhere else.


  2. Well, my friend!

    Maybe, people just can’t see what we are missing in their lives, because most of them, are living “in yesterday and tomorow”.
    They don’t see the present, and is in the present where we have everything, we have ourselves, and the most important gift we received: Life.

    Light hug!

    Helena Almeida

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