Acceptance Mindset – A possible path to find Peace

Acceptance Mindset - A path to find Peace_photo
I have noticed that the more I try to control/react to situations in my life, the less in control I feel.
I was having that experience when suddently my son got sick and I had to stay with him at home and couldn’t do what I have planned previously..

But reacting to that specif situation just generate stress and frustration for myself and others around me. Sometimes as it happened today I was almost putting the responsability to my Little Boy.

I realized, after some time, that when we relax and totally accept that reality, and pay attention to what is really happening (instead of what we think should be happenning), then we are fully available to respond in a different manner in each moment.

How can we apply this on our daily activities?

I think that a possible way to make a shift from the reacting mindset to the acceptance mindset and really experience what a profound different it makes in our personal lifes.

Acceptance is the capacity to live in a continual state of “what is”.

When we do this we do not waste our energy wishing this were different, blaming, being impatient, arguing, etc.

With this other way of dealing with reality makes us feel the flow of well-being, the place/space that deeply everyone really wants to BE.

I believe that this acceptance mindset can be one of the keys for HAPPINESS. Because no matter what happens, we’re always learning to deal with new situations.

One question that comes to me and support this even more is: Can we really control every event or situation in our lifes?

When we embrace the acceptance mindset in our LIFE, we’re fully available for what each moment brings to us.

This is another HABIT that I have to integrate more and more in my life! I will work on it seriously as it is a path to find peace I myself on this particular situation.

Change your habits and feel the flow again!

Allan Sousa



  1. Estou completamente de acordo, desde que fui pai, apesar do stress, da maior responsabilidade, já adequei a minha maneira de estar, de forma a não sofrer com as mudanças não planeadas da minha vida, por causa de diversos factores, doença, trabalho ou mesmo a vida pessoal.

    Ser pai, faz superar todos os obstáculos 🙂

  2. Hi Allan

    I agree with you, and I find my self must more alive since I am able to accept whaever comes!
    I believe the first thing is always reaction, but if you breath, you stop the reaction, become aware of it , and you go direct to acceptance.

    Everybody experience it in different ways, and that is our unique journey!
    Feel the flow and transforACtion yourself!

    Aldina Costa
    The TransforACtion Coaching

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