Lets get up sonner!!

Hello All!

This morning I realized that I had a structure that was not supporting me.. And during the class of “Structures” I decided to change that to a more empower way. My current structure “waking up to late and doing everything thing in a hurry” wasn’t working because I got stressed about it and It wasn’t helping my family. Now my intention was “waking up sonner and doing things in a relaxed way and also practice being in the moment”
Sometimes we already know this things but continue to do the opposite way. This class really helped me being more aware of this fact!




  1. This is just wonderful!! Congratulations – on your discovery and on formulating your intention! I must also admit that your need for a structure in just this area mirrors one of my own! I wonder what structures you have put in place to support you to achieve your intention? How are they working? And what are you doing to evaluate your progress on the road towards fulfilling your intention?
    All the best!

    1. Hi Anita!

      The strutures that I am putting in place are:

      – I meditate during at least 20-30 min before sleeping;
      – I normally go to bed early, before 23:30h;
      – I have set up an alarm to be sure that I wake up in the morning.

      This structure is the base for waking up early and starting the day with a different energy. And it also allows me to have better conditions to meditate in the morning.

      With good rest in the night and a feeling of bigger peace/relaxation during the day makes everything flow in a different frequency!

      All the best!

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