Vipassana Meditation – Noble Silence

Hello World!

One month ago I did a 10 day meditation course at the Vipassana Centre in Belgium. Since my trip to India that I wanted to experience 10 days in total silence..
I finally decided to go and do it.I just want to share how grateful and happy I am.
It was a wonderful experience and personally I can say that It confirmed the way I see LIFE.
It is really something that is difficult to explain in words..

I would sugest this silence experience for anyone that wants to explore there inner reality. 🙂

It’s definitely a powerful tool for my clients. I have been using small meditations with good results to create a space of total presence on the begining of the sessions. They find it very important to separate their problems and really focus on themselves.

Here are some videos about this meditation technique. I hope you find it interesting!

Peace and Love for all!

Allan Sousa

Part1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3


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