Does perfection really exist?

I was feeling very stuck about not writing about the reflections of the modules. Today with my peer coach I decided to stop and write the reflections even if they are more perfect.
I realized that everything is already perfect as it is. My reflections today are my truth on this moment and tomorrow they can change but that is OK. 🙂

Acting on this way gave me a sense of relief and that is wonderful. It makes you take action and stop searching for the perfection all the time..In fact it is connecting less with your mind and being closer with your soul that does not judge ourselves.

On my last coaching session I took the challenge to post my personal learning at least one a week and also post two reflections of the modules.

I am already feeling the flow..what a great sensation!

Blessings for all,




  1. Hurray!!! You are doing it!! And celebrating your SELF, your SOUL, your TRUTH in the PRESENT moment! Change just IS – and will always be! Now you are living the process! That is great, Allan! and inspiring to me and hopefully to the others who read your blog!

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